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Computer programming for Newbies

Jun 25, 2018 by Administrator

"Where do i start?" is a common question we...

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The Fear of breaking things

Jun 15, 2018 by Administrator

When i was growing up i was very inquisitive...

Computer programming: What should you start with
Computer programming: What should you start with

Jun 3, 2018 by Administrator

There are so many opinions out there when it...

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Computer programming: What should you start with

Posted on Jun 3, 2018 by Administrator

Computer programming: What should you start with

There are so many opinions out there when it comes to whether you should learn programming or not in the first place. Some think its not worth it. But I think its worth the trouble. Read this article. Its tells you what you should start with and why. I personally think you should start with JAVA because it challenges you! Its hard. The  younger you are the easier it is to learn. If you are older, it doesnt mean its impossible for you to learn too.

I personally waited too long to learn and when i started i discovered that programming languages like any subject are learnable. I was intimidated by the lines of code, until i learnt that those lines stood for something and i began to unpack what everything stood for. 

There are plenty of stories online of how people say it took them 8 weeks to learn a language. I think it takes longer than that especially if you have never played around with some sort of code, even HTML or CSS. There is nothing as gratifying as playing around with HTML, changing some text and seeing the changes in the browser. Personally that is what really pushed me to try something a bit harder like JAVA. 

Programming needs practise though. Once you learn one, your next language is going to be easier to pick. Is it worth it to put in the extra hours to learn. I think it is, moreso in this day and age when the internet is more accessible. With the right tools and guidance you can cut your learning time, dramatically. Focussed learning is important because there are plenty of resources on the internet but not all are useful. 

Join our classes at and learn with others how to develop applications from the ground up. Programming is not for everyone but everyone is free to try. 



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