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This is Techworld Code School. Register Now to Start Learning to Code in your own free time.


Learn by doing. Select what you want to learn and how. You learn the fundamentals and put them into practise.

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Techworld Code School offers many courses designed for all. From beginners to experts.

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Track your progress via your own dashboard. Go on give it a try!


Who can learn to code?

Anyone can learn to code. You don't need to have knowledge in computer science. If you can read and write you can learn to code. 

Extremely easy to learn

Our lecturers simplify everything for you. They simplify complicated languages and teach you how to code. Learn the web design, software development, mobile app development and build your own applications. Its that simple.

Wide choice 

Choose your path, we have courses for everyone. Our courses are available straight from your admin dashboard. Just choose your path and register. From HTML/CSS to Frontend /Backend development.

Track your progress 

Track your progress and keep informed of your schedules. Stay abreast of the latest trends in software development. Learn new development frameworks and methods.

Learn by doing

Our classes are structured in such a way that you practise what you learn to help reinforce concepts and knowledge. 

Classroom learning

Our classes are flexible. Choose your time and learn with others. Our Teachers are experienced and are ready to take you through the paces. 

Ready to develop your own software

We offer Interactive lessons. We focus on teaching coding languages that help our students develop applications after completing our courses.

At Techworld Code School we offer students the best foundation for them to develop their own applications and software.

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