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Code. Learn whether you develop or not

Posted on Jun 1, 2018 by Administrator

Code. Learn whether you develop or not

When we were growing up we were encouraged by our parents to work on other skills such as;

- Learning to drive a car

- DIY stuff such as gardening, carpentry, selling wares etc

- And frankly anything else that they thought would help us later in life.

Did these skills help later in life! Yes greatly. But as our world continues to evolve some of these skills are no longer enough. Yes they remain relevant and we should continue to encourage our children to learn them, but we should do more! The world we live in today demands that we know more than what we are taught at school. Knowledge is much more accessible and those that are taking time to self-learn are getting ahead! Those that are not are being left behind with the each passing day.

You might think that this trivial, but look around you. These days we have robots, we have self driving cars, we have machine learning, artificial intelligence and more! The signs are all there. More and more people are developing applications to make their life easier. While most people still struggle to do things manually computers are everywhere and available to be programmed to accomplish tasks that take us days if not months to complete.

Small gadgets that cost less than $90 are being programmed to record farming data or temperatures in a tobacco barn for example. Why is this important? Computer programming is now another language that must be learnt. If you can’t write computer code, learn how to read it at least. You have no excuse. It is more like you have no choice, because whether you like it or not computers are now a part of life and will be for rest of our lives.

If you feel you are too old to learn, then enable your children to do so, in the same way you have taught them to learn life-saving skills. If this interests you visit to learn more about computer programming.

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