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Learning Software development
Learning Software development

Aug 18, 2017 by Administrator

Many people wonder why its fashionable to...

Beyond Java 101 lesson 2 and 3
Beyond Java 101 lesson 2 and 3

Jun 2, 2017 by Administrator

If you haven’t read my other articles on how I...

My Second and Third Java Assignments
My Second and Third Java Assignments

May 24, 2017 by Administrator

It is been exactly two weeks since I began my...

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Our Courses

Java 101

- introduction

-Java platforms

-features of Java OOP

-Applications and applets

-Java environment

-Programming syntax and data types



-generics and collections

-Java class libraries




-Exception handling


-Java DB connectivity


Data vs. Information

History of the Database

Conceptual and Physical Models

Entities, Instances, Attributes, and Identifiers

Entity Relationship Modeling and ERDs

Identifying Relationships

Matrix Diagrams

Super/Sub Types and Business Rules

Supertypes and Subtypes

Documenting Business Rules

Relationship Fundamentals

Relationship Transferability

Relationship Types

Understanding CRUD

UIDs and Normalization

Artificial, Composite, and Secondary UIDs

Modeling Historical Data

Modeling Change: Time

Modeling Change: Price

Introduction to Relational Database Concepts

Basic Mapping: The Transformation Process

Relationship Mapping

Subtype Mapping

Creating Database Projects

System Development Life Cycle

Database Programming with SQL

Relational Database Technology

Anatomy of a SQL Statement

Columns, Characters, and Rows

Limit Rows Selected

Comparison Operators
WHERE, ORDER BY, and Intro to Functions

Logical Comparisons and Precedence Rules

Sorting Rows

Introduction to Functions

Single Row Functions Part I

Case and Character Manipulation

Number Functions

Date Functions

Single Row Functions Part II

Conversion Functions

NULL Functions

Conditional Expressions


Cross Joins and Natural Joins

Join Clauses

Group Functions

Fundamentals of Subqueries

INSERT Statements

Updating Column Values and Deleting Rows

DEFAULT Values, MERGE, and Multi-Table Inserts

Creating Tables

Using Data Types

Modifying a Tables


Intro to Constraints; NOT NULL and UNIQUE Constraints


Managing Constraints


Privileges and Regular Expressions

Software Development

- Understand main ideas and concepts in software engineering

- Software development process

- Engineering techniques - UML etc

- Software teams development

-Software requirements

-Scrum, XP, AGILE, CRystal, FDD, DSDM

Cross platform application development

PhoneGap for Mobile Application

What is Phonegap

How to install Phonegap

Movement and Location: Use the Geolocation and Accelerometer

User Interface Development with jQuery Mobile

Extend PhoneGap with Plugins

Development Testing and Tools

Work with Video, Images, and Audio

Local Databases, Storage, and File System

Hook into Native Events

Work with Contacts

PhoneGap for Mobile Application

Work with XU

Phonegap App security

Android App Development

Basic Java applications.

Using the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

Basic Java syntax and control statements.

Java object oriented programming's basic concepts: classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism etc.

Java collections, file input/output, serialization, try/catch/finally etc.

Installation and setup of Android SDK, plugins and Android emulator.

Android application from scratch.

Plug-ins and tools to debug and maintain your Android applications.

Architecture of Android software.

Understanding the security model of Android.

Android applications security.

Get introduced to various techniques to monetize your Android application

Adding advertisements in your application without adversely affecting the user experience

Creating Android applications with in-app billing

Securing your Android apps with in-app billing

Publishing and advertising your Android application successfully

Using Google Mobile Analytics to monitor your app's performance


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